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This is where we will try to answer every question you could think of. If we miss a question, e-mail us at

How do you win?

Just like a wrestling match on Earth, take your champions head to head until only One Champion remains.


How do you attack?

Flip your chosen or shuffled card over on the
table at the same time as your opponent. Read
out your abilities and apply them to your cards
attack/defense or the stated ability. Apply attack
damage to your opponents defense and see who can
get their opponents defense to 0 or below.


What if you both go negative?

Whoever has the most near number to 0 or closest to 0, wins. Keep rolling if tied numbers in negative.


How many cards in a deck?

A normal game includes 15 chosen Champions. Traditional is 5 card shuffled.


How many cards do I need to play with friends?

Only 10 cards are needed for 2 people. That's 5 for you and 5 for your friend. So each pack of cards have 15 cards, meaning you can play up to 3 people right a way.


How many people can play?

- If you're a lone wolf, Story Mode and Arcade mode are for you. Party mode can be up to 8 players, but honestly, if you can think of a way to play more, go for it!


How many Modes/Game Styles are there?

1. Story Mode - fully loaded 1 player mode, for the lone wolf. Go into the void, alone, and fight your way through a labyrinth of scenarios cards and champion boss rooms. (if we hit our stretch goal)

2. Arcade Mode - Fight your way up the chain of Champions, reaching the final boss, alone. Choose 5 Champions to take on 10 others. Using one Champion at a time to battle through the lineup.

3. Classic Mode- Battle friends, Family, co-workers, or politicians in a 5, 10 or 15 card match up.

4. Showdown Mode - a one on one match up, Champion vs champion. Show everyone you have the best cards! It’s time to flex!


5. Party Mode - An inter-dimensional full on 5 card game with up to 8 players. That would be four player battling amongst themselves and the other four doing the same. The winners of those two groups will battle each other for ruling Champion.


Do you shuffle the deck or do you hand pick your champions?

You can play however you want. It’s a really loose game, we encourage house rules.

The ways we like to play are:

   1. Hand pick 15 of your greatest champions, shuffle those and draw  5 randomly from the top and play them face down.

   2. Randomly pick 15 champions from your stash, and hand pick 5 from that stack.


Sometime we like to play a turn based version where you hand pick 5, 10, or 15 champions and look at your hand while you play, you roll a dice to see who goes first, and whoever loses the round has to go first the next round. It gives a strategic aspect to the game.


Oh, and the “Tradition” way to play is a five card game.


What if you roll the same number three times in roll-off?

Your Champions reset into the dimension with full health and the reuse of their ability.


Can someone build a deck with all just super unstoppable cards?

No card, even the best are fully unstoppable. There's am element of chance with their abilities that allow for that one hit wonder kind of takedown.


Are their combo cards?

Yup, we have fun ways for you to combine one cards ability in chain with another's. So that way, you can add numbers to your next cards attack/defense and then have  that card be one with the ability to double number rolled of precious card and add it to your attack/defense. That's a sweet round!


What if two cards completely cancel each other?

We are still working out the dimensional links of this stellar game. If that does happen, we say either house rules or immediate ROLL-OFF takes place. To keep it fair.


What if I finish the game with more than one champion in my deck and everyone else's cards are in the graveyard?

Then you have multiple champions! You're a force to be reckoned with!

Two Champions of V

What?! Bluurgg?

We are trying our best to answer all questions you may have. Please let us know of any you come across.

Thank you Champions!

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