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Beta Decks for Sale and Fixing problems

Packs for sale
3 packs for 25.00!

After a few months of promoting and marketing our game to reviewers, we found it's time to sell what we have to get some funds to prepare for our Kickstarter. Maybe many know this already, but we are learning to not only run a trading card game that has expansive functionality with both tcger's and also party gamers. We also, are learning to work on a business that has a roadmap that allows us two to be creative at our fullest extent with financial freedom.

The pandemic left Jessie and I in this weird void, where we were tired of working for others and getting the wrong end of the stick. We are artist and artist we will always be, but also we have worked in so many fantastic businesses, why couldnt we make something that encorporates both worlds? That of course was the first thoughts for us to develop a trading card game. So, if you want to know more of the beginning stages, read some of our other blog posts, but after the start off and taking our art and appliying it to a game. We decided marketing thegame was first key factor of getting noticed and gathering people to our cause and game.

Youtube has been a great source of education, as many may agree. We learnt that word of mouth and posting on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok would be our fastest way to let people know what we were doing. Then came Discord, a whole new world as Aladdin would say. This program we thought was just a texting app, but we found it's so much more. With Discord we have met and conversed with our growing community that has truly helped us fine tune the issues we didn't even know we had.

Our Discord community has really found the holes in the gameplay and marketing that we needed to know to give our game a true and successful delivery. To the point we are confident enought that we are currently selling all our Beta decks before Kickstarter. Our Beta decks have everything they need to play with friends and family. There may be some grammatical errors and typos, but that's what makes those specific cards unique and SUPER RARE Rares. Which we find totally cool to give away and let collectors find.

We are cleaning up the design and building a more interactive gameplay with Story mode being an epic battle of scenarios and skill for those who like traversing the dimensions alone. Also, having party mode be a test of skill and chance so the odds are more even and fun , even with stronger cards battling weaker ones. We also want to have the layout of the design be more exciting, as in when you see your card, you get a feeling of retro simplicity.

All this to say, that we are blessed and thankful for our growing community, because we always wanted to have our friends and community have an input with their geniusness. This has become quite the fun adventure and the game itself has grown so much because of everyone. We have started sales on our site on the limited prints of our Beta decks, partly because we want people to play and let us know what else we could do to improve the gaem before Kickstarter launches. So if you haven't found a deck in your cart, dude and dudetts, nows the time to get these rare and super limited prints.

Once KS is launched, the Beta decks will be no more and onto the GAMMA decks!

Your inter-dimensional friend,

Joshua Lamb

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