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Story + Co-op Mode
Dimension Master

A STRETCH GOAL on Kickstarter that we have is Story Mode.

This is part of our vision to bring an interactive and simple story crafting to families wanting to unleash their imagination without all the complex lore and strategy that other games may have.


Story Mode


How to Play


In Story Mode, the mat is designed as a labyrinth of whichever theme is in play. Taking your selected champion cards of 5 and going down the path you find suitable to your taste, but beware, with a collection of scenario cards laid on the locations you must cross, you may find yourself fighting a radical space monster or granted a key to help you defeat the boss at the end of your conquest. Each expansion pack contains 30 scenario cards with both enemies, power-ups and champion battles.


Example: (Space ship map) I choose 5 of my greatest champions and flip the first over in the beginning of the mat. I move forward on a space at a time. My first move is on a space that has a door to a room of the spaceship and that room that forces me to flip over the card. Much like monopoly, you don't know what is underneath, a good choice or one that will ruin you. (This is used to keep the game of chance at play for beginners and advanced players: this can be changed to assist players wanting more of a challenge) I flip the card and its a treasure card with the text " You found a potion of healing.


Heal yourself if killed in battle. Opponent's health doesn't regenerate. Continue fighting. Set aside and use if your champion has fallen. Only one time use and discard." I take the card and set it in my "Utility Belt" deck (or whatever the name will be) I choose my next spot to move to, left or right or forward as the options are given. I go left to a spot in the hallway that has an electrical field in play. Draw a card. It's Scenario card "A gas leak bursts open and the flames engulf your passage. Roll 1-3 to put out the fire and move to your next spot, but a 4-6 and you take a - negative 1 to your defense on the next battle." I roll a 4 and my Champion now who was KATONIC 2/3 is now a 2/2.

I move to my next space and flip the card over. Darn, it's a villain! ZARA 2/4 Ability(If 1-5 is rolled add +4 to attack. 6 is rolled, -2 to defense) I roll my dice for ZARA first and ZARA gets a 3 and is NOW a 6/4.

I then roll for KATONIC and get a 2, making him 6/2. Since Katonic copies his opponent, my ability is ZARA's.

Zara wins though and I have a choice. Place Katonic in the graveyard and draw my next Champion from my deck ( only 4 left over now) or use my Potion and restart the battle with 2/3, but ZARA will will be at a -2 since my attack was 6 and Zara's defense was 4. Katonic walks away the winner and onto the next room.

Here the Key Card can be shuffled into the scenario decks to make the game more challenging to defeat the boss at the End. Much like Mario, after a Champion has defeated a room/level, your other Champions can bypass the succeeded rooms or venture to new ones that may hold the Key Card in them.

Once you get the FINAL BOSS at the end of the map/mat, you will go Head-to-Head against the Boss that has been randomly chosen/ or purposely placed to test all your skills with the upgrades obtained throughout the map or battle scars that you've taken.

That's the STORY MODE! You win if you defeat the boss or you lose if you don't.

CO-OP / Dimension Master

In the same pack, but on the other side of the mat, is a more serious adventure. Where you and some friends can play Co-op to take on a Story/ Dimension Master’s layout or take on scenarios and against your friends to see who is left champion at the end of the map.

Co-op mode allows for one person to play the Villain Overlord of the map/mat and place the scenario, treasure chest/power ups and two extra cards specifically for the game that are the Boss Key and Challenge Player card. Boss Key allows you to access the boss and is needed to fight and win the battle, this can be passed from one player to the next, but players must be at least one spot next to each other when this happens. This can happen as many times as needed. If a player dies with Boss Key, the key stays in that spot until another player lands on that spot and retrieves it.

Challenge Player card is exactly that. If landed on, the player MUST battle a team player and one must lose. This is for the advantage of the Villain. This mode can be altered if the co-op game wants to win together or allow for only ONE champion to rule the dimension.

Each player begins the co-op mode/dimension master with 5 cards of their choice( Subject to change as desired gameplay length) . Champion cards need to be purchased before playing in the Champion Packs, SOLO mode packs do not include Champion cards except maybe ONE for the specific theme as a Boss.


Players will move from space to space attempting to locate the BOSS KEY or collecting power ups, whatever they want to do strategically to prepare for the final Boss battle. If Players want to head straight to the Boss, they can, but will not be able to complete the game unless the key is found. The Villain/ Dimension Master will place the cards in locations as they see fit for their desires. ( This is undecided whether cards are full size or half size in order to create a more optional map to traverse. We don't want it too crowded. )

 Dimension master allows for one story creator to place the cards and champions faced down in the way they see fit. Having other player try to defeat the master's layout. If they fail and all champions are in the graveyard, the dimension master wins.

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