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No one really knows where it came from or what it is, but it's been found in every dimension. Some harness its energy, but others use it for its power. Beware the Goo!


Hey Champions, you thought our universe was big, wait until you see what's happening in the Hidden Dimension. Where you can get FREE stuff all the time, like posters, mats, wallpapers, app icons, and much more. Just download the image you want,

because you're a champion!

for your


Champion Wallpaper.jpg

phone wallpapers

Warp your phone into something more rad than just a boring screen-tapping device. Get cool phone wallpapers to make all the kids in town go "Whoa! I wish I had one!" - Be the coolest Champ on the block.


Mats are cool

Game boards are clunky and only useful with multiple players. Not I AM CHAMPION, we have a Versus mat for you and a friend, but also the Arcade Mat, so solo play can always be epic!


icons to push

We like to have fun with our dimensions and phones. That's why for a limited time only, like forever, you can get tubular icons to replace those other ones on your phone.

more coming soon

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